How to get landscaper insurance

Being a landscaper can mean days full of surprises and risks. Between the various sizes of equipment and wide scopes of work, you know that there’s more to keeping a green space prim and proper than just handling some shears. You’ll also need to keep your professional materials properly protected. Yet, it can be tough to know where to start your landscaper insurance search. So, here’s a quick guide to getting the right insurance for your landscaping business.

How to get landscaper insurance.

1. Think about your risks

Each day can bring a new challenge and a new set of dangers to upkeeping an outdoor space. Plus, there can be plenty of unique risks to you, your workers, and your business, depending on the type of landscaping you do. So, it’s important to research and consider possible incidents that could cause harm or completely sink your business finances and reputation.

For example, you may want to ask yourself:

  • Under what circumstances could a customer or visitor sue me?
  • What if an expensive piece of landscaping equipment breaks?
  • What if one of my employees is hurt on the job?
  • What if I get in an accident on the way to a job site?
  • Would I have enough money to replace a stolen piece of equipment?
  • What if someone were to get sick because of the chemicals I’ve used?
  • What if I misinformed a client of a deadline and they sued?

It’s important to consider these and other worst-case scenarios specific to your business. That way, you can prepare an emergency plan for your business if the incident is small enough to handle on your own, or have the right landscaper insurance so that you have the help you need to get your business back on track.

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2. Consider the types of coverage you’ll need

Once you’ve determined the types of sticky situations you may need help with, you’ll want to have a general idea of landscaper insurance coverage you’ll need. Generally, you might want to consider coverages like:

General liability

General liability insurance is the type of business coverage that can help you take care of a guest or visitor’s medical bills if they are hurt on your property. It can also help you cover legal costs if the injured party decides to sue you.


Property insurance can help you protect your company’s building if it’s affected by a covered loss – for example, fires and lightning.

Business interruption

If you have to relocate your business due to a covered loss, you might face a lot of additional expenses. If you have to close due to a covered loss, you might face a lot of lost income. This could be handled by business interruption insurance. So, investing in business interruption insurance before disaster strikes can be a great way to keep your doors open later.

Workers compensation

Most states require businesses with a certain number of employees to have workers compensation insurance. This type of coverage, though, helps protect business owners as well as their employees in case of an accident. If an employee is hurt on the job, workers’ comp insurance can help the injured employee get partial wages if they can’t work and medical assistance for a certain period of time. This coverage not only helps business owners legally, but it also shows their employees that their supervisors care about employee well-being.

Commercial auto insurance

Landscaping can sometimes require you to travel to the lands you’ll need to tend to. If you do this in a company vehicle, you’ll want to consider commercial auto insurance. A typical personal auto insurance policy isn’t built to cover accidents where vehicles were used for business purposes. So, to properly cover your and your employees’ transport to and from job sites, commercial auto insurance is a great investment.

Other coverages to consider

Again, these are some of the most common insurance coverage for businesses. When considering your risks as a landscaper, you may also want to think about getting these types of insurance policies for your landscaper business:

  • Professional Liability
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Crime insurance
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Contractors Tools & Equipment coverage
  • Installation Floaters
  • Goods in Transit
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance

3. Get landscaper insurance quotes

Overall, determining what type of landscaping insurance is right for your business can be a bit overwhelming. Plus, there are tons of carriers out there with coverages that have different names, limits, and covered losses. That’s why it’s important to get several landscaper insurance quotes. Our commercial insurance agents make the process extremely easy.

First, our agents will chat with you.

Once you reach out through our online form, call into our offices, or LiveChat with a professional, our agents will get to know you and the ins and outs of your business. That way, we can get an idea of the types of risks you face and narrow down which of our various carriers and plans will be right for your landscaping company.

Then, we’ll shop for you.

As we’ve mentioned, sifting through all types of coverages and insurance information can be overwhelming to do alone. That’s why, after speaking with you about your company and the potential coverage you need, our agents will shop around for the best rates on landscapers’ insurance for your specific business. They’ll know where to go to get you the right types and amounts of coverage to keep your business protected.

Next, we’ll go over your quotes.

Our professionals work hard to get you affordable rates as quickly as possible. So, they’ll update you as they receive only the best quotes for the affordable, quality landscaping insurance coverage you need. We’ll have another quick chat with you so that we can go over your options with you and so that you can truly understand the types of coverages you have and how they can work for you.

Finally, we’re always here to help.

After you’ve gotten your perfect insurance fit, we’re not the type to disappear. Our team is always here to help you with questions, changes, and concerns about your policy. We’ll even have someone continue to shop for the best rates and coverage on the insurance you need year after year. That way, you know that you’re always getting the best prices on quality landscaper insurance.

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So, what are you waiting for? Call our agents today, fill out our online form, or LiveChat with our agents today to start getting free quotes on the affordable landscaper insurance you deserve.