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Did you know that more than 1,000,000 non-profit organizations in the U.S. do not carry D&O insurance?

Here at InsuranceHub, we supply affordable:

  • Fund Raising Consultant Insurance
  • Historical Society Insurance
  • Botanical Garden/Horticultural Society Insurance

You have worked hard and spent many years building up your non-profit. You are rightly concerned about protecting yourself from liability. Unfortunately, nonprofits have been sued more and more in the last few years. In fact, 2/3 of nonprofits don't carry Directors and Officers Insurance and almost 1/2 of nonprofits don't realize that their personal assets could be at stake.

Thankfully, here at InsuranceHub, we understand the different lawsuits that nonprofits get slapped with:
  • Tort liability

  • Wrongful employment practices

  • Personal injury

  • Membership discrimination

  • Breach of fiduciary duty

  • Liability of the parent organization

  • Volunteers’ Personal Liability

  • Social media liability

  • Any acts, errors, or omissions by or on behalf of the directors & officers

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Here are some of the liability exposures that nonprofits face:

Property exposure

Your biggest property exposure concerns are fire, smoke, and water damage, vandalism, burglaries, and robbery. Install security systems, video cameras, and monitored smoke detectors. Have fire extinguishers on hand.

Crime exposures

If you have cash on hand, then you have to worry about two kinds of crime. The biggest concerns are break-ins/robberies and employee theft. Install security systems and hold classes on what to do in case of a robbery. Take the time to do background checks on employees before hiring them.

Premises liability exposure

If you have customers, clients, and employees at your location, then you have to protect yourself from slips and falls. Instruct employees to clean up spills immediately. Label all wet floors accordingly. Ensure that sidewalks and parking lots are clear of ice, snow, and debris. Make sure that you have plenty of parking lot lighting for night time. It's prudent to invest in a CCTV system to see if peoples' falls are genuine or fraudulent.

Automobile exposures

Do you have employees that drive company vehicles? Be sure to do DMV checks before hiring and giving the keys to someone. Have a checklist of what is expected of all employees to ensure that they're driving safely.

Workers' compensation exposures

Please take the time to teach your employees and volunteers the correct and safe way to perform their duties. Teach them to protect themselves from back problems and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Inland marine exposure

Keep backups of records and all data to be stored at a separate location.

Directors and officers exposure

Remember to protect your directors, officers, and volunteers.

Here are the minimum recommended fund raising consultant, historical society, and botanical garden/horticultural society insurance coverages:
minimum insurance coverages for a small business insurancehub

Other nonprofit insurance coverages to consider:

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