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Your clients rely on your advice, as well as the results you have promised them.

Event planners, photographers, and personal trainers can be sued for fraud and negligence in the performance of their duties.

In fact, here in the USA, here are a few of the lawsuits filed:

  • A women wins a $1 million lawsuit for getting hurt during a session with her personal trainer.
  • A wedding photographer was sued for $6,700 for failing to capture the kiss.
  • A wedding planner was sued for $3,753.06 for not getting the venue promised to the bride, as well as the cost to reprint invitations to update the new venue address.
Here at InsuranceHub, we offer affordable home-based business insurance for businesses such as these:
  • Event/Wedding/Party Planners

  • Photographers/Videographers

  • Personal Trainers

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  • Event, party or wedding planners: We understand the work and pressure of planning special occasions. We know the problems that come with finding and negotiating for the right venue and vendor services. We also understand that emotions can run high on a wedding day and that even providing the perfect day can lead to a lawsuit from the unhappy couple.
  • Photographers and videographers: We understand what is involved in providing photos and videos for clients, whether it is at your studio or on location with the client. (home, business or special venue). We understand that you use expensive photography equipment that can be stolen. We also understand the work that goes into shooting, processing, developing and retouching photos. The three biggest areas that photographers get sued for are breach of contract, misrepresentation, and using images in advertising without the written permission of the client.
  • Personal trainers: Whether you train in a club, a studio, or your clients' homes, you work hard to get results for your clients. We understand that sometimes clients can get hurt. Even if you work for a local gym, don't assume that you are covered by their liability policy. Especially if you are an independent contractor. Thankfully, liability policies are affordable.

Types of exposure that wedding planners, videographers and personal trainers need protection from:

Property exposure

Do you have an office or studio you work out of? Fire poses the biggest threat here to the destruction of your computers, files, and equipment. Photographic equipment is also susceptible to vandalism, theft, smoke, water, and breakage. Do you work at someone else's property and use their equipment? Talk to your agent about an inland marine bailees policy.

Inland marine exposure

Do you rent equipment for your home-based business? Do you transport cameras, lighting, computers, photographs etc. back and forth from your studio to the client's location? Take the time to protect all your equipment in a locked compartment while transporting.

Workers' compensation exposures

Employees can get hurt setting up for photoshoots and decorating venues. Back injuries, hernias, slips and falls, strains, and sprains are the biggest injuries to be careful of when considering workers' compensation exposures.

Crime exposures

Be sure to take the time to do background checks on all your employees because employee dishonesty can ruin your business. All cash handling, ordering of materials and receipt of payments should be monitored. Take the time to build a checklist of procedures for each of these.

Premises liability exposure

What if someone gets hurt at one of your rented facilities? You could be held accountable.

Automobile exposures

Take the time to do motor vehicle checks on all new drivers. Have a written procedure for using company vehicles as well as rented vans and trucks for transporting equipment.

Environmental impairment exposures

Do you develop your own photographs? Dispose of toxic chemical waste in compliance with state and federal laws.

Here is the minimum recommended insurance coverage:
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Other insurance coverage to consider:

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