Top 5 Security Upgrades Recommended by Home Insurance Professionals

Do you live in an area that has high home insurance premiums? This is due to the crime rate, population density, and the likelihood that you will suffer a break-in or vandalism. Some insurance providers offer discounts to customers when they add security upgrades to their property. Which ones are most recommended to help fight crime and lower rates?

Change Your Locks and Add a Deadbolt

Your front door is the most likely point of entry for smash and grab crews. The single lock in the knob is the place that will fail first from a kick-in. Changing the lock not only stops previous tenants or owners from returning, but upgrading to one or more deadbolts adds another point of resistance for vandals. A burglar will take longer to get in, increasing the chances that your neighbors will call the police.

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A Monitored Security System Tells the Whole Story

It is tempting to purchase a single security camera at the electronics store, but if it is not recording or sending the video to a monitoring station, it doesn’t do much to get the bad guys. Professional thieves will ignore the camera if they think that it is nothing more than window dressing. Meanwhile, if your video doorbell notifies your smartphone of any movement, you can take immediate action–including forwarding the thief’s face to the police department. These new smart security systems can even let you talk to the invader, which may frighten them off before anything is stolen.

Cut Back Trees and Hedges Near Windows and Doors

If your evergreens block the windows from the street, they also protect a burglar that is trying to break into a house. Cut back any greenery that would allow somebody to hide while working on a lock, cutting a screen, or simply waiting for the front door to open. It also improves your curb appeal!

Install a Fence with a Gate

Not only do fences provide a clear border to your property, but they are also a physical barrier. When you enclose your yard with a fence at least four feet tall and a gate across the driveway, you just added an obstacle course for a passing burglar. Crews casing the neighborhood may scratch your house off their list simply because it will take more time to transfer the goods from the house to their getaway vehicle.

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Add a Dog to the Family

Even if you have the friendliest dog on the planet, that big bark will warn off strangers. Thieves would rather hit up another house on the block than deal with a potentially vicious animal. The dog also serves to alert your neighbors that something unusual is happening. Best of all, they make great companions.

Ask Your Agent How to Secure Your Home and Save on Insurance

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