InsuranceHub is celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

A very important week is coming right up. September 9th-15th is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, which is a time to celebrate all professional truck drivers and tow truck operators and the hard work they do every day. Truck driving is not for the faint of heart – it’s a lot of hard work and it’s not easy. Truckers are a vital part of the American economy, which relies on moving goods all over the country. This is a time to say “thanks” to the professional truckers across the United States.

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week: A week dedicated to truck drivers.

Many people simply take for granted the fact that the products they buy show up at the store. They just expect that a tow truck will move their car if it needs to be transported somewhere. But without truck drivers and tow truck operators, none of that would happen. The men and women who have chosen to go into trucking make it all possible, and National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is an opportunity for everyone to recognize and appreciate the long hours that go into these jobs – jobs that are often dangerous. It’s a chance for truckers to get some well-deserved recognition. In many ways, truck drivers are the lifeblood of the country.

If you’re in our area, come celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week with us.

The team here at InsuranceHub would like to take this chance to invite local truck drivers and tow truck operators to come by our office for a cup of coffee and donuts. We encourage you to come by to say “hello” and meet our team of transportation insurance professionals – we’d love the chance to introduce ourselves. So, if you’re in the Lawrenceville or Gwinnett County area, come on by. Like we said, we’ll have fresh coffee and donuts waiting!

And we’ll also give a $10 gas card to the first 25 people who come by and take a picture of their truck outside our building!

Since we work with a lot of truck drivers and tow truck businesses, we understand that these jobs are difficult and that trucking comes with unique challenges. We would like the chance to shake your hand and say thank you for all the hard work you do every day.

So, once again, thank you for all the hard work that you do every day! We hope that you have a great National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Stay safe out there on the roads!

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