National Safe Toys & Gifts Month

National Safe Toys and Gifts Month reflects an effort to draw attention to some of the most common hazards encountered when giving away items to children and adults. If you are not careful, then a gift or toy could cause serious injuries to a loved one. Here are some tips for choosing safe toys and gifts.

Always Pay Attention to Recommended Age Ranges

You want to always pay attention to recommended age ranges on toys and gifts. Avoid giving gifts to kids that are intended for older children or teenagers. Do this even if you think a child is more advanced or mature than his or her actual age. This simple step will ensure that you are always purchasing appropriate toys and gifts for the children you know.

Handle Toys Personally Before Purchasing or Giving As Gifts

You want to try to handle toys and gifts personally while in a store or just before giving them to someone else. Examine every part of the toy and all the accompanying parts. Briefly go through the instructions. Look for potentially dangerous things. These include sharp corners, cords that could cause problems and small parts that could be swallowed. If the toy4 seems too hazardous, then find another gift.

Include Safety Gear When Appropriate

If you are buying gifts that will get kids outside and active, then include safety gear for the child when appropriate. This is important if you buy a gift like a bicycle, skateboard or air rifle. You want to include a helmet, eye protection or protective pads that will fit the child. This will ensure the gift recipient stays as safe as possible when using the toy or gift.

Look For Quality Construction

A final step is to look for quality construction whenever you are picking out a gift. Stay away from gifts that seem to be flimsy or shoddily made. Those types of toys could easily break apart during use revealing sharp edges, small parts or exposed electronics. You want the toys and gifts that you give to be made to the highest standards possible for maximum safety.