Condo Insurance

A condo association is not responsible for your personal property

You need condominium insurance. Are you surprised? Don't be!

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You need condo insurance

Let us clarify. As the owner of a condominium or a townhome, you should understand that in addition to owning your individual condo, you also share the responsibility and ownership of your condo building's common areas. If a common area is shared, then your condo association will more than likely cover the maintenance fees, the costs associated with upkeep, and other expenses that arise. However, your association is responsible for neither the personal property in your condo nor your liability. The responsibility to protect your investment does not fall on your condo association. It falls on you. We're here to help you get the protection you not only need but deserve.


How much condo insurance do I need?

If you're looking to find out how much additional coverage you need, we've created a few questions to get your started:

1. What does my condo association policy currently cover?
2. Are the current condo association policy limits high enough to cover my own condo unit as well as the physical property of the building?
3. Will the condo association policy cover the upgrades I've made or plan to make?
4. For any scenarios where I could be held personally liable, will my condo association's policy cover me?
5. If my condo building gets damaged by fire, storms, vandalism or mold what happens? Who is liable? With my property be covered?
Pro Tip: Make an inventory of your possessions. Then, speak with your insurance agent about adding a rider for any jewelry, antiques or fine art that is worth more than a $1,000.00.

Condominium coverage & how InsuranceHub can help

If you own a condo or townhouse, then you've come to the right place. InsuranceHub has been providing condo owners top-notch insurance solutions for over 30 years. Our condo insurance policies can be structured to provide the following coverages:

Appliances, Furniture, Kitchens, Baths, Personal items, Renovations, Home improvements, Wallpaper, and much more…

If a guest at your condo is injured on your property, then Condo Hazard Insurance can also offer liability protection. Without the proper coverage, an incident of this nature could cost you thousands of dollars – especially if a lawsuit were to arise.

Just remember that your condo association insurance will not cover everything.