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Did you know that you can incur a $1,000,000 lawsuit if a family pet dies at your pet grooming facility or kennel? You've worked hard to build your pet business, and your clients rely on your ability to take care of their pets. This is why pet care providers can be sued for malpractice.

What would you do if you were hit with a liability suit for more than your current insurance covered?

Many pet care providers, like dog groomers and dog trainers, don't carry liability insurance at all. Thankfully, here at InsuranceHub we understand the liabilities that pet care professionals face every day. After all, accidents happen, don't they?

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Here are a few of the common lawsuits the pet care industry faces:

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  • Bad haircuts/grooming
  • Injured pets
  • Pets that are killed
  • Pets that are lost
  • Pets that attack other pets
  • Pets that attack people

Pet care businesses need protection from the following exposures:

General liability exposure

What if a client isn't happy with their pet's grooming? What if they feel that the pet's training hasn't worked? What if the animal is injured while in your care? General liability pet care insurance is the answer in this case.

Property exposure

What would happen if all of your records, computers, and books were destroyed in a fire? All information should be kept in fireproof cabinets. Invest in cloud backup technology. Pet grooming equipment including clippers, trimmers, cages, dryers etc. can be expensive to replace. They are susceptible to fire, smoke, and water damage.

Premises liability exposure

Do you have clients with pets that come to see you at your office location? Clients can slip and fall. Be sure to keep floors clean and dry of pet waste and spills.

Workers' compensation exposure

Not using pet clippers and shears correctly can cause repetitive stress injuries for employees. Some pets are very heavy and require more than one person to lift them. Some pets will bite handlers and trainers if they do not know or trust them. Teach your employees how to reduce eye strain, neck strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and similar cumulative trauma injuries. Invest in ergonomically designed workstations. Invest in a workers' comp insurance plan that will protect your employees and your business interests.

Crime liability

Employee dishonesty can happen in regards to credit card information, client information, and other confidential information. Take the time to do background checks before hiring and permitting any employee on the client's premises. Some dogs can be very expensive, so make sure that you invest in a security system if pets will be kept overnight.

Inland marine exposures

Do you pick up and deliver pets after grooming or training them? Do you travel to clients' homes with your grooming equipment? Do you carry a computer with all of your important client contact information, receivables, valuable papers, and records? Talk to your agent about getting inland marine coverage.

Automobile exposures

Do you and/or your employees drive company-owned vehicles to the client's home or business? First, do a motor vehicle record check on all employees before allowing them to drive company vehicles. Is there a procedure/policy book for all drivers of company vehicles? Be sure to keep all pets secure during transit to make sure cages don't fall over and pets don't get hurt. Make sure doors and cages are kept locked to prevent animals escaping or being stolen. Be sure to get a commercial auto policy to protect your pet care business.

Here is the minimum recommended pet care insurance coverage:
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Other pet grooming, pet training, and pet care insurance coverage to consider:

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