Meet Angie Cooper, one of our amazing Senior Account Managers!

We’re all one big family at InsuranceHub, and we’re so glad that we get to work together as a team. There are a lot of us in the office, and we’ve all proved in one way or another that all roads lead to insurance. Everyone has a different story and a different path. We caught up with one of our spectacular Senior Account Managers, Angie Cooper, to learn about her story – how she got her start in insurance, her time at InsuranceHub, what she loves about her job, and what a day in the life of Angie looks like.

Introducing Angie Cooper!

Angie is an AAI, CLCS, AIAM, and ACSR. That’s a lot of letters! And all those letters go to show that Angie is dedicated to learning and continuing education. But where did those letters come from? How did Angie get her start in the insurance industry?

It started when Angie was working in a dentist’s office. She wasn’t very happy there, though, so she wanted a change. Through a family friend, Angie started working as a file clerk on the “cancellation” team for SIU (Southern Insurance Underwriters). Basically, this meant she chased down various files and delivered them to the appropriate person who had requested them – then collected the files back and replaced them in their proper place. The files moved around, Angie noted, so this could be an adventure.

Angie worked more in the financial side of insurance, which is where she learned what policies looked like and how they worked, though learning about coverages came a bit later. Angie became an Account Manager and got her license in 1995. She worked with a big insurance agency for a while, then went to work for a smaller agency. And after spending about four years there, she came to InsuranceHub – she’s been here for eight years.

A day in the life of Angie Cooper.

As a Commercial Lines Senior Account Manager, Angie looks after some of our commercial clients. “Every day is a little bit different,” Angie said, laughing. Angie manages requests from clients and underwriters by email and over the phone. She also handles insurance renewals, which means that she has to look at the renewals that are coming up and touch base with those clients. When it comes to new business, Angie gets to know the account by reviewing the details of the business so she’s familiar with their insurance situation. Angie’s there to answer any questions and explain the ins and outs of the policy.

Basically, Angie provides customer support for our clients and helps them address their insurance needs. And she’s a rock star at it!

Angie’s favorite part of the job is reviewing the policies and checking that everything in our management system matches up properly. She also enjoys answering questions and providing explanation as needed – all in all, being helpful!

When she’s not being an insurance superhero…

When Angie isn’t busy being an insurance superhero, she enjoys being creative and crafty. She likes cooking, sewing, and crocheting. (She’s also enjoying doing some redecorating and painting at home!) Roller skating, bowling, and skiing are also fun things that Angie enjoys. Aside from that, Angie loves music when she needs some quiet time, and she also enjoys being part of a Mini Cooper group and driving in the mountains.

What advice does Angie have for businesses who need to get insurance?

Angie talks to many, many business owners about their insurance, and she has wise advice to give. She reminds them that business insurance is for the sudden and accidental situations that happen, and she also encourages business owners to be proactive. She works with clients to figure out how they can mediate risk. A lot of the time, Angie helps business owners figure out how to balance their budget with coverage, the idea being to stay within the budget but get the best level of coverage possible. And she also explains the policy itself so that the client knows what’s covered and what’s not.

We are so glad to have Angie Cooper as part of our team, and we are so fortunate that we’ve been able to work with her for the past eight years. Thank you for all the hard work you do, Angie – we appreciate you!