8 Habits of Successful Towing Businesses in 2021

Business success is something we all seek to achieve in the coming year. There are some moves you can make within your organization that will do more to generate success in the future than many others. If you adopt the following eight habits for your towing business, you are sure to enjoy greater business success in 2021 and future years as well.

1. Invest in GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS fleet tracking can help you plan more effective routes, keep your drivers on track, conserve fuel, and help you monitor driver behavior behind the wheel. You can’t really see what’s going on with your drivers when they are out of sight. GPS fleet tracking gives you another set of eyes in the vehicle to make sure your people represent your business well.

2. Practice Effective Risk Management

Part of that means investing in towing business insurance. This includes a business owner’s policy, tow truck insurance, umbrella liability insurance, and more. Working with an independent insurance agency can help you get customized coverage for your towing business to help ensure greater business success in 2021.

3. Engage in Active Driver Retention Efforts

No business is successful long if you keep losing your top talent to other towing businesses. You need to actively work to keep your best drivers engaged and working for you. Consider contests, rewards, and bonuses for drivers who serve your business well.

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4. Create a Company Culture of Safety

A solid safety record is one of the most important ways a business, like yours, can be successful. Create policies and promotions with an eye toward safety and set the example you want members of your team to follow at all times.

5. Maintain Your Tow Trucks

Maintaining your equipment not only helps to prevent accidents. It also helps to prevent costly breakdowns, lost time, late pickups, and unsatisfied customers. Maintaining your tow trucks takes time, patience, and some money but it will save your business far more money, time, and effort in the future by preventing accidents, breakdowns, and lost productivity.

6. Listen to Your Drivers

Your drivers are the ones behind the wheels and on the road every day. They are the people who drive the trucks and represent your business to the public. Listen when they offer their wisdom to you in order to build even greater success for your towing business in 2021.

7. Establish Goals for Your Business

Creating goals for your business means you always have something to work for. If you don’t have goals, you’re just floundering and not really going anywhere. Your goals can be as simple as adding a new truck to your fleet or something as extravagant as creating a franchise opportunity in other cities.

8. Educate Your Team

Constantly work to educate your team. This can be about new technology, how to better use existing technology, or even more advanced safety features to consider. As long as you are all learning together, you will continue to grow and enjoy even greater success.

When it comes to managing risks with towing business insurance, call on Insurance Hub at 770-497-1200 today to work with an independent agency that has your best interests and continued business success at heart.

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