With Hurricane Season Starting, Now Is the Time to Take Down Your Dead Trees

Now that hurricane season here, it is time to take down those dead trees surrounding your home. Waiting to address this issue may cause you a lot of money in property damages due to strong winds and storms. And the worst part is that your insurance may deny your claim to cover the cost due to the damage caused by a natural disaster.

This is one of the hurricane-related damages you can prevent if you know the existing threat the trees pose to your property. So, get your thinking cap on and start taking a look around your house to see which of the trees may need removing.

If you believe that some of the trees are quite high and may pose a danger of falling onto your home due to strong windstorms you may need to have someone prune them. Talk with a local tree removal company and see what trees are dead or pose a threat to your home.

What to Look for:

Here are four major areas that you must focus on when you decide to take down your dead trees. Let’s have a quick look at them.

1.      Check for Dead Trees

As the hurricane season begins, it is time that you do a thorough check of all larger trees in and around your home’s landscape. If you spot a tree that looks low in vigor, sickly, and displays any signs of decay or rotting in its trunk, you must take it down as it may pose a potential threat to your home.

Even if the tree is green and healthy, you must still lookout for any dead branches extending out. Simply spot potential dead trees and related hazards and get the work done.

2.      Trees Near Power Lines

As a responsible resident in your area, you must check if there any high and/or dead trees near the power lines. These trees pose a real danger as they can fall on power lines causing a blackout in the entire neighborhood.

In case you have a power line close to your home, you must take down your dead trees and other tall trees around them. If you see a potential threat of trees near a power line nearby but not directly in range of your home, you can still report it as a potential danger to the local authorities.

3.      Tough Stems are a No-No

You must also check any smaller trees for signs of decay and damage. In this case, the trees must go down as well. Even tough stems from smaller plants and trees around your home can cause extensive damage. This is because strong hurricane winds can rip them out of the ground and send them flying into your windows and on top of your roof.

Summing Up

If you’re someone living in a hurricane hazard zone, it is your responsibility to make sure that your home is free of any dead trees or tall trees during this critical time. So, don’t wait, take down your dead trees as soon as you can.


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