If You’re a Property Investor, You Need These Types of Insurance

Many property investors often ask what types of insurance they need to safeguard their properties. If you’re a property investor who wishes to protect themselves from the many risks involved in renting, then keep reading.

Why Do Property Investors Need Insurance?

This type of insurance policy typically covers you against partial or total property loss and liability lawsuits. If you land into any of the above-mentioned events with insurance, it can leave you in financial turmoil.

Comprehensive landlord insurance will help protect you against property losses. However, you have to find an insurance policy that is specific to you and your situation. Some benefits of landlord insurance includes:

  • Legal costs against lawsuits by the tenants
  • Costs of repairs and maintenance
  • Loan installment protection to prevent you from defaulting
  • Protection against rent default
  • Protection against vandalism and theft

9 Types of Insurance for Property Investors

1.      Liability Insurance

This one covers you against damages to your property as well as your business.

2.      Flood Insurance

If you live in a city or state with frequent flood and cyclone warnings, then you must get flood insurance. This will secure your property against damages caused by flooding due to storms and hurricanes.

3.      Hazard, Fire, and Sewer Backup Insurance

This is absolutely necessary because fire and related hazards can cause extensive damage to your property. You can pay a little extra to add sewer backup insurance in this one. Simply ask your insurance provider if they offer any such protection.

4.      Terrorism Insurance

This is an optional choice, but it is better to be safe than sorry. However, if you wish to protect your property, business, and assets against any act of terror, ask your insurance provider.

5.      Builder’s Risk Insurance

If you are into the renovation business where you purchase vacant properties and resell them, builder’s risk insurance is the one for you. This protects your investment against vandalism, contractor injuries, fire hazards, and liabilities.

6.      Insurance for Loss of Income

If you own an investment property and are renting it out, loss of income protects you if for some reason you are unable to rent your place out. You can add this to your hazard and fire protection policy.

7.      General Contractor Insurance

In the case you wish to become a licensed contractor, you will need general contractor insurance to get a permit to offer renovation services.

8.      Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Suppose you are an property investor of a commercial property employing workers such as a receptionist, security, housekeeping, maintenance staff, etc. You must get workers’ compensation insurance to cover the injuries to anyone in the building if they are unable to return to work for a period of time due to injury.

9.      Umbrella Insurance Protection

Although not needed by law, it can offer certain additional protection against liabilities.

Summing Up

If you’re a property investor you want to protect your properties. After all, it is your business that you’ve worked so hard to build. Accidents and natural disasters can happen at anytime, that is why it is better to be prepared so you aren’t stuck covering the costs.



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