Below are some of our frequently asked questions:

  1. Why am I required to have auto insurance?
  2. How can I save money on my car insurance?
  3. Is renters insurance worth it?
  4. Should I get life insurance?
  5. What is Umbrella insurance for?
  6. Who is InsuranceHub?

Why am I required to have auto insurance?

Traffic is only getting worse, and while newer cars are safer than ever, they are also much more expensive to repair.  No other daily common activity is more dangerous than driving and if auto insurance didn't exist it would be too risky to drive.   Car insurance helps cover you and your vehicle but also the other drivers on the road should you make a mistake.  Regulations have made it a requirement because a vehicles can cause so much damage.  Your InsuranceHub insurance advisor can further explain the difference and what coverages are essential for your particular car and driving habits.

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How can I save money on my car insurance?

Let's start with the obvious ones.  Avoiding accidents and having a clean driving record can save you a lot of money on your car insurance premiums.  In many states insurance companies can charge for credit problems, adding one more reason to keep your credit score in check.  You can also take on more of the risk yourself by increasing your deductibles.  The best tip though is having an agent that you trust and that can shop multiple companies for you.  InsuranceHub’s insurance agents are happy to help you shop your insurance while still giving you the coverage you need.

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Is renters insurance worth it?

We have been serving the community for over 30 years and out of all the insurance policies we offer renters insurance is the best deal by far.  The problem is that renters insurance is not required and we have seen so many people lose all of their possessions with no way to build their lives back.  Many people underestimate how much stuff they have and the cost to replace all of those personal belongings.  As Millennials continues to hold off on home buying renters insurance is becoming more of an issue.  Help us spread the word!  Renters insurance is worth it and if you are renting you should have it.

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Should I get life insurance?

We are big believers in minimizing regrets.  You will sleep easier knowing your family will be taken care of.  As insurance agents we don't like convincing people to buy anything.  We want you to understand the value in your insurance policy and the value of having your family taken care of is immeasurable.  Talk to a widow and you will quickly see why life insurance is simply the right thing to do.  Many people don't realize that as people continue to live longer, life insurance rates keep going down. Give us a call for a quote today.

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What is Umbrella insurance?
Umbrella insurance, also known as excess liability, is designed to give added liability protection above and beyond the limits on the business liability policy. The protection of the umbrella policy kicks in when the limits on the other liability policies have been reached.

InsuranceHub’s insurance agents can review your current coverages and business needs to determine if umbrella coverage is appropriate for your business.

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Who is InsuranceHub?

InsuranceHub is a family owned agency based in Atlanta, Georgia.  Under the leadership of Jim Lloyd, for over 30 years we have provided personal and business insurance to our members all across the country.  We take great pride in our agency and believe in combining the service of a local agency with the modern conveniences we have grown to love.  This is why each of our agents has a direct phone number and you can text message them right at their desks.  We also offer expanded hours and online chat.  Whether you need home, auto, business or life insurance we are here to help.

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