Deli Insurance

We can help you get the insurance you need to protect your deli

You sell mouth watering, delicious meals and ready-made food. Your food is fresh and top-notch, and your customers know that they can rely on you to be their source of various cold cuts, cheeses, salads, sandwiches, and other delicacies. Everything is prepared with care, and you take pride in creating meals that are second to none. It’s a lot of work – and a lot of juggling – but it’s rewarding to see people “oooh” and “ahhh” over all of the choices. You laugh when people end up with way more food than they thought they were going to, but who can blame them? It all looks so good!

But delis also come with lots of risks

Food preparation means the potential for foodborne bacteria, and since you welcome a slew of customers onto your property someone could hold you liable if they’re injured on your premises. And what about the kitchens in the back? Those present their own set of potential disasters, like fires and food spoilage. You have enough to worry about without stressing over the what-ifs of life, so let InsuranceHub help you create an insurance plan to protect you from all of your risks. We know you worked hard to build up your deli’s reputation, so we’ll work hard to help you protect it.

A typical insurance plan for your deli might include:

General liability protects you against claims that your business or its day-to-day operations caused someone bodily injury or property damage.

If someone slipped on a rogue olive from some pasta salad and sued you, your GL would help you cover the costs that you’re legally obligated to pay.

Property insurance protects your deli from dangers such as fire and lightning.

If you had a kitchen fire, for instance, you’d be covered.

Workers’ compensation protects your employees if they get hurt or become ill due to their job.

If an employee slipped on the aforementioned rogue olive and breaks their arm, workers’ comp would cover their medical expenses and reimburse them for a portion of the wages that they lost because they weren’t able to work.

Business interruption insurance reimburses your deli for the income that you would lose if you had to close temporarily because of a disaster, like a fire.

Food spoilage insurance reimburses you for the cost of the perishables that would be unusable if the refrigerators and freezers stopped working. You only use the best ingredients at your deli, and food is expensive! It could be a real financial hit if your fridges conked out or your food became otherwise contaminated.

Umbrella liability insurance is basically extra coverage that sits on top of your other policies.

If you have a really big claim that blows the limits on your underlying policy out of the water, your umbrella will step in and start covering expenses where the other policy left off.

Insurance might be the last thing on your mind, but that’s okay

You’ve got enough to worry about with running your deli. We’re here to help you get the insurance you need at the best possible rate, and we can help you protect your business against anything that life can throw at you. All you have to do is fill out our quote form or give us a call today and one of our insurance professionals will be happy to get you a free quote for your deli insurance. We would love the opportunity to become your insurance partner.