Coffee Shop

Protect your coffee shop with the right insurance

You’re a coffee pro. Lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, macchiatos, you name it, you brew it. You’ve built up your coffee shop into a thriving, caffeine-based business that brings joy to everyone’s day. Your shop provides a calm, relaxing ambiance where friends can grab a coffee and chat, students can enjoy the free wi-fi and get some homework done, and businesspeople can run in on their way to work and get a quality cup of coffee to-go. You love bringing a bit of happiness to your customers’ day in the form of brewed, mocha-flavored goodness. And whipped cream. Because who doesn’t like whipped cream?

But with your coffee shop comes risk

As a business owner, you can’t escape it. Your coffee shop is your pride and joy, and you want to protect it with the best insurance. We at InsuranceHub can help you create an insurance plan that’s tailored just for your business – you make each of your customers a personalized beverage, so why shouldn’t your insurance follow the same principle? Your coffee shop faces its own risks, and we can help you identify them and find the right insurance to protect you from them. It’s scary to think about the worst-case scenario, but with small business insurance for your coffee shop you’ll be able to breathe easier.

Your coffee shop is one of a kind, but your insurance plan might include…

General liability will protect your business from lawsuits claiming that your business caused someone bodily injury or damaged their property.

If one of your employees accidentally spilled a piping-hot coffee on a client and burned them, your GL would come to the rescue.

Property insurance will protect your shop from damages arising from losses like fire and lightning. It will help you repair and replace what was lost.

If one of your coffee machines had a serious malfunction resulting in a fire, you’d be covered.

Inland marine insurance can help you protect the art that you display in your coffee shop. It can also help you protect your computers.

Food spoilage insurance will protect you if your refrigerators and freezers stop working and cause your food, creamers, and milks to be unusable. You’d be reimbursed for the spoiled stock.

Workers’ compensation protects your employees if they get hurt or sick because of their job. It provides medical payments and reimburses them for a portion of the wages that they lost because of their injury or illness. So, if one of your baristas gets a nasty burn off an espresso machine, you’d be covered.

Business interruption insurance will help you get your coffee shop up and running again after a loss that causes you to close your doors. It helps reimburse your business for the income that you lost while your premises was being repaired.

Umbrella insurance sits on top of your other policies and provides extra protection. Sometimes, large claims go above the limits you have on your underlying policies.

For example, you might have a $1 million limit on your general liability policy. If you have a claim for $1,750,000, your umbrella insurance would cover the $750,000 that’s left after your general liability kicks in.

Of course, these are just a few of the coverages available to you. There are many more that you can consider to protect your business.

You run the coffee shop – we’re the restaurant insurance professionals

We know you have enough on your mind with running your coffee shop, making sure there’s enough coffee to get you through the apocalypse, and keeping the lights on. Let us help with your insurance – that way you can get back to fulfilling all of your clients’ caffeine-centered cravings! We make insurance easy because you work hard enough as it is. We’ll get you a free quote for your coffee shop insurance so you don’t have to stress. We’ll help you protect your coffee shop and all of the hard work that went into it.