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Don’t go without the coverage you need for a Homeowners Association.

As a Homeowners Association, you could have more liability than you think. The HOA is responsible for maintaining the common areas of the neighborhood. And that’s why you need to make sure that you have the HOA insurance you need to cover the risks you face. Think about what would happen if someone fell in the parking lot in front of the tennis courts – a parking lot that the HOA is responsible for. Or what about if one of your directors is accused of misappropriating money? And what if the clubhouse burns down? That’s where Homeowners Association insurance can help you.

We can help you get insurance for a Homeowners Association. We’ll help you shop for the HOA insurance that’s right for your association so you can compare coverages and pricing. You need insurance that’s going to be there for you through life’s ups and down, and our agents can help you get the coverage you need. It’s impossible to predict the future and know what’s going to happen, but with Homeowners Association insurance, you’ll know that you’re protected from any disaster that could come your way. Getting started with HOA insurance quotes is easy – just fill out our online quote form or give us a call today.

Your Homeowners Association insurance plan might include the following coverages…

The following are some common insurance coverages for HOAs.

  • General liability
  • Directors and officers (D&O) insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Employee dishonesty insurance

What does each of these coverages protect you from? We’ll explain in a bit more detail.

General liability insurance:

General liability insurance protects you if someone sues the HOA for property damage or bodily injury. General liability can help you cover legal expenses and settlements or court-ordered awards. Depending on your neighborhood, the HOA could be responsible for common areas such as the pool, tennis courts, parking lots, and recreational facilities, meaning that the HOA could be held liable if someone gets hurt in one of these places.

Example: Someone falls and gets hurt in the parking lot in front of the tennis courts, which the HOA is responsible for. They allege that you were negligent and did not maintain the parking lot properly.

Property insurance:

Property insurance will protect the buildings and structures that the HOA is responsible for, such as clubhouses, pool houses, and so on. It can help you cover the costs of repairing or rebuilding these structures if they are struck by a covered loss, such as fire, lightning, or vandalism. It’s important to make sure that you have the proper insurance for any property that the HOA owns.

Example: The clubhouse has an electrical fire that burns it to the ground.

Directors and Officers Insurance:

Also known as D&O insurance, Directors and Officers insurance can protect the HOA if the directors are accused of mishandling money, discriminatory practices, or failing to properly or responsibly maintain the shared property. These lawsuits can become very expensive very quickly, but D&O insurance provides coverage to help.

Example: The HOA is accused of mishandling funds and faces a big lawsuit.

Employee dishonesty insurance:

Employee dishonesty insurance can protect the community in the event that an employee or volunteer of the HOA steals money, commits fraud, or embezzles.

Example: An employee of the HOA absconds with money from the dues that the homeowners paid.

Other HOA insurance coverages you can consider:

  • Accounts receivable
  • Hired and nonowned auto
  • Valuable papers and records
  • Umbrella insurance
  • Flood insurance

Get quotes for HOA insurance today

Getting insurance for an HOA is easy when you work with our team of insurance pros. We can help you get the coverages you need to protect yourself from the risks you face as a homeowners association. And you don’t have to worry about insurance being stressful or overwhelming – we’ll break down the coverages and concepts that you need to know. InsuranceHub isn’t just an insurance agency – we’re your insurance partner. Get HOA insurance quotes by filling out our online form or giving us a call today.