Affordable homeowners insurance rates in Doraville, Georgia

Doraville is a city in DeKalb County, Georgia, just northeast of Atlanta. There are about 10,228 people living there as of 2019. When you visit Doraville, Ga you will clearly see why it's motto is "Diversity, Vitality, Community." It has one of the largest Asian communities in the country. From Northwoods to Sequoyah Woods, InsuranceHub has you covered.

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Let's Talk About Affordable Home Ownership

Did you know that the average home value in Doraville is $285,831? Doraville home values have gone up 10.4% over the past year on Zillow.

How much will it cost to protect your home?

The average home in Georgia costs about $2,500 to insure annually. Insuring your own home depends on certain factors, such as these below:

How much does your home cost?

Since the average home here is about $285,831, you can see that it will probably cost less to insure in Doraville than some of the more expensive homes in Georgia.

How much would it cost to rebuild your house?

That will depend on a number of factors such as the square footage of the home, the location, the materials used, your coverage, etc.

What are the crime statistics for your neighborhood?

Unfortunately with a crime rate of 61.67 crimes per one thousand residents, it is higher than the average. It's safer than 2% of cities in the U.S.

Areavibes tells us that the rate for property crime is 56.6 per one thousand, which includes motor vehicle theft, arson, larceny & burglary.


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What weather conditions pose a threat?

  • Doraville has a low risk for tornadoes. It averages about 2 tornadoes a year that causes zero deaths.
  • On the other hand, it is in a moderate risk hurricane zone. Eleven hurricanes have been recorded since the year 2000. The most recent hurricane was Lee in 2011.
  • Heavy rains can cause flooding from the North Fork Peachtree Creek in the flood plain areas.
  • There’s a low risk of earthquakes in the Doraville area.

How close is your home to a fire department?

Doraville has 3 fire and emergency stations scattered in nearby Chamblee area. Because fires can ravage a home in minutes, your home insurance quote can be reduced if you’re in a close proximity to a fire department. When you use our team of agents here at InsuranceHub, you can rest assured that we will help you to get the proper coverages for your home: liability, fire, and dwelling. Our agents are trained to search for every discount to deliver a great policy at a great price.

How can InsuranceHub save you on your home insurance quotes?

When we work with you in designing a home insurance policy, we provide easy options and assist you in selecting a plan that meets your needs by connecting with carriers such as:

  • Nationwide
  • Progressive
  • Travelers
  • And many more

Complete our home insurance quote application or call us directly & our agents will be in touch directly. They will ask you a few simple questions to help you to get every discount available to secure the best insurance coverage value at the best price.

InsuranceHub Pro Tip: you can save up to 25% by combining your auto policy.

Be sure to check out these things to do and see in Doraville:

  • The Northwoods Historic District
  • Buford Highway Farmers Market
  • Brook Run Dog Park
  • Honeysuckle Park
  • All of the amazing ethnic restaurants up and down Buford Highway

If you plan on making the city of “Diversity, Vitality, Community” your home, then contact our InsuranceHub agents for an affordable and cheap home insurance quote in Doraville.