Affordable homeowners insurance rates in Dothan, Alabama

Dothan is a city in Alabama, just 16 miles from Florida & 20 miles of Georgia. It's located in Houston County, Dale County, and Henry County. As of 2019, the population was 67,894.

When you visit Dothan, you will clearly see why it is nicknamed "The Peanut Capital of the World." Did you know that one-quarter of the U.S. Peanut crop is produced and harvested within 75 miles of this city? In fact, much of it is processed right here in Dothan. It also hosts the annual National Peanut Festival at the "Peanut Festival Fairgrounds."

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Let's Talk Affordable Home Ownership

First of all, did you know that the average home value here is $154,413? Here are a few questions to help your agent provide you with a few free quotes:

How much is your house worth right now? tells us that the average home value is currently $154,413. How does your home's value compare?

What would it take to rebuild your home?

Your agent needs to understand all of the upgrades that your house has.

What are the crime statistics for your city?

There is a crime rate of 48.58 per thousand here. Dothan is only safer than 5% of cities. This means that you have a 1 in 104 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime here. The property crime rate is 38.96 per one thousand population, which includes motor vehicle theft, arson, larceny, and burglary.

Your zip code will also affect your homeowners premiums.

What zip code area do you live in?

36301, 36302, 36303, 36304, 36305

What weather conditions pose a threat?

  • During the spring, summer, and fall, there is a frequent risk for tornadoes.
  • There is an average of about 2 tornadoes a year.
  • Twelve hurricanes within 150 miles have been recorded since the year 2000. The most recent hurricane was Five in 2010.
  • There is a very low earthquake risk in Dothan - zero earthquakes since 1931.

How close is your home to the nearest fire station?

The insurance industry rewards homeowners with homes near a fire house. Currently, Dothan has 13 fire stations. You can Google them to find out how close you will be.

So, how can InsuranceHub save you on your homeowner rates in Dothan?

Why settle from one quote from a "captive" agent when you can get MANY quotes from us? The thing is that InsuranceHub represents many of the top insurance carriers in the country like:

  • Nationwide
  • ASI
  • Universal
  • Safeco

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Some employers located in Dothan:

  • Southeast Alabama Medical Center
  • Dothan City & Houston County School
  • Flowers Hospital
  • City of Dothan
  • Southern Nuclear
  • Perdue Farms
  • Michelin
  • AAA Cooper
  • Houston County
  • Twitchell

Things to do in Dothan:

  • The Downtown Christmas Festival
  • National Peanut Festival
  • Tri-State BBQ Festival
  • PorktoberQue
  • Toadlick Music Festival
  • US Army Aviation Museum
  • Fort Rucker
  • George Washington Carver Museum
  • Wiregrass Museum of Art
  • Landmark Park
  • Dothan Area Botanical Gardens
  • Highland Oaks Golf Course
  • The "World's Smallest City Block"

If you live in "the Peanut Capital of the World," then contact InsuranceHub for a cheap homeowners quote in Dothan.

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