Concession Stand Insurance

You’ve worked hard to build up your concessions business, now be sure you’re covered with business insurance

You’re a welcome sight at any community event, whether it’s a festival, a fair, or a sports game. Everyone who goes through the gates beelines it to your stand, where you dole out snacks and drinks with a smile. Each person has their favorite concession treat, from juicy hamburgers to nachos smothered with gooey cheese. You love chatting with the patrons about their event and making sure that no one goes hungry or thirsty while they have fun. But it hasn’t been easy starting up your concessions business, and it’s absolutely devastating to consider what would happen if disaster struck.  

The truth is that there’s no escaping business risks

What if someone has an allergic reaction to something in your food? What if one of your employees gets burned on the grill? What if your trailer had a fire and was destroyed? Having the right insurance is essential to helping your business survive disasters like these, and we at InsuranceHub want to help you get the insurance you need at the best possible rate. We can help you protect your business. We know you worked hard to build it, so we’ll work hard to make sure that you get the insurance you deserve. Your concessions business is unique, so you need a unique insurance plan to help you protect it.

Your concessions business insurance plan might include…

General liability will protect against claims that your business caused someone bodily harm or damaged their property.

If someone were to have an allergic reaction, like we mentioned above, your GL would help you cover the legal costs if they sued you.

Workers’ compensation provides benefits to your employees if they get hurt or sick because of their job. It will pay the employee’s medical bills and cover a portion of the wages they lost while they were unable to work.

So, it would help an employee who accidentally got a burn from the grill get the medical care they need.  

Inland marine insurance will protect your concessions equipment while you’re transporting it to where you need to go.

Liquor liability will protect your concession stand from liability if you sell alcohol.

Someone could hold you responsible for damages caused because you served a patron alcoholic beverages.

Business interruption will reimburse your business for lost income that happened because your concession stand was out of commission due to a disaster that forced you to close.

You’ve got enough details to worry about the risks of running your concession stand

Your day is jam-packed with running your business. There are events to organize, supplies to order, and food to cook. When there are hungry people lined up in front of your stand, waiting for snacks and cold drinks, you don’t have the time to stress about your insurance. We’ll make insurance easy so that you can get insured and get back to manning the concession stand and feeding hungry patrons. We can help you figure out which types of insurance and what limits of coverage are right for your business, and our goal is to take the mystery out of insurance.