General lawn care, landscaping, and grounds maintenance insurance

Lawn Care, Groundskeeping, & Landscaping Insurance

You spend a lot of time outdoors. You tend to people’s lawns and property, cleaning up the shrubbery and trees, pruning bushes, mowing the lawn, and freshening up the mulch. You keep your clients’ yards spick and span, from the soil to the grass to the flowers and shrubs. You keep the lawns healthy and free of weeds that would choke the grass and plants. It’s hard work, but you feel satisfied knowing that you put smiles on people’s faces at how wonderful their yards look. Your mission is to make your client’s yard the envy of all their neighbors. Our mission is to keep you insured while you do it.

Lawn care and landscaping businesses like your face risks and perils every day. You know that you need insurance to protect you against losses. No matter how hard we try to avoid them, accidents happen. And that’s where your insurance can help you. It might seem confusing and overwhelming to try and figure out exactly which coverages you need and what limits are right for you, but we’re here to help. We want to be your trusted insurance advisor, and we can help you create an insurance plan that’s tailored to your business. We can help you identify and manage your risks so that you can breathe easier and focus on your business.

Your landscaping business insurance plan might include the following coverages…

General Liability Insurance

This protects you against any unintentional harm that you might cause to a third party (like a client) or their property. It also may help cover legal costs if someone wants to sue you for bringing them harm.

Ex. One of your employees is carrying a ladder and accidentally smashes it into your client’s car.  

Workers’ Comp Insurance

Workers’ comp helps you protect your workers if they get injured or sick on the job. It will cover their medical expenses and reimburse them for part of their lost wages.

Ex. One of your employees breaks an ankle when they trip over uneven ground at a job site.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you have business vehicles, commercial auto insurance will cover them and protect your business if there’s an accident.

Ex. One of your employees is in a car accident on their way to a job site.

Property Insurance

Property insurance will cover your office or premises against losses such as fire or burglary.

Ex. The premises where you store your vehicles and tools is burgled and vandalized.

To find out how much your landscaping insurance is going to cost, take a minute to fill out our quote form. We’ll find out a bit about your business so that we can give you an accurate quote for your insurance. We’ll work with you to figure out the coverages you need and how you can get the best rate possible. It all starts with filling out our form or giving us a call! We’re happy to help and address any concerns you might have about your insurance.