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We're the official insurance partner for the American Apartment Owners Association

What states can you write apartment insurance for?

We understand that as an investor that you might own apartments in several states.

So, here is the good news for you: while we are based in Georgia and a member of the American Apartment Owners Association, we can write policies in all 50 states and have access to National programs. This means you can have one point of contact for all of the apartment complexes in your investment portfolio.


Here at InsuranceHub, we have experience helping business owners get the coverage they need.

Here at InsuranceHub, we understand how to manage the risks associated with owning an apartment complex. What does that mean for you?

  • We have extensive experience in providing comprehensive insurance for apartment complex owners and insurance for other habitational risks like condominium associations, developers, and property management companies. This means that we can assure that you will be placed with a  top rated carrier with the best pricing available.
  • We can help no matter if you have 10 units or 100,000 units! No one is excluded.
  • All of the carriers we work with are “A” rated or above. This means you are guaranteed carriers with a good reputation and a solid financial background to make sure your claims are paid.
  • We have the ability to write coastal and non-coastal properties. Some carriers will not write you if your apartment is located in an area that traditionally has a lot of hurricanes. Here at InsuranceHub we represent carriers that will write apartments that exist on the coast.
  • We have the ability to write with non-standard markets if buildings are in need of repair, have a low occupancy rate, or are located in high crime areas. Some carriers will not write coverage for non-standard markets. InsuranceHub represents carriers that can usually provide coverage no matter where your complex is located.
  • We can provide Umbrella coverage up to $50 Million. This means you will have the protection that you need in case you ever receive a liability lawsuit.