Lawn Care Insurance

Understanding Lawn Care Insurance

You help your clients take care of their lawns. Green, healthy grass is your goal, and you’re the expert on what it takes to maintain a beautiful yard. You wage battles against weeds and pests that destroy grass. You aerate the soil to help the grass grow nice and thick. You cut the grass when it gets shaggy. When there’s a lawn that’s struggling, you help set it to rights. Your clients know they can depend on you to keep their yards looking top-notch and to give them advice on how to treat and improve their lawns. So that’s what you do. You work hard – mowing the grass, weeding, spraying for pests, laying new seed, and aerating the soil – so that your clients love pulling into the driveway at the end of the day and seeing their beautiful lawn.   

But even though you take every precaution for safety, sometimes accidents happen. Your lawn care business, whether you’re an established business or a new kid on the block, faces risks and perils every day. You work with equipment and tools that can get dangerous. You use chemicals and pesticides to treat lawns. Accidents and injuries happen, and someday you might find yourself in a tough situation where you’re being blamed for causing someone harm. And that’s where your insurance comes in.

Your insurance plan might include the following coverages…

Your lawn care business is one of a kind, and we understand that you need an insurance plan that’s designed specifically for your business. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your business so that we can help you make sure that you’re protected from all your risks. We want to be your trusted insurance advisor.

General Liability Insurance

This protects you against any unintentional harm that you might cause to a third party (like a client) or their property. It will also help cover legal costs if someone wants to sue you for bringing them harm.

Ex. One of your clients is injured when one of your employee’s lawn mowers picks up a rock and throws it.

Workers’ Comp Insurance

Workers’ comp helps you protect your workers if they get injured or sick on the job. It will cover their medical expenses and reimburse them for part of their lost wages.

Ex. One of your employees gets a bad chemical burn from accidental exposure to one of the pesticides you use.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you have business vehicles, commercial auto insurance will cover them and protect your business if there’s an accident.

Ex. You get into a car accident in a company vehicle when you’re on the way to a job.

Property Insurance

Property insurance will cover your office or premises.

Ex. Your storage premises is destroyed in a fire or your office gets burgled.

Inland Marine

You might need inland marine to protect the equipment that you transport back and forth from jobs.

Ex. Someone steals a couple lawn mowers and other equipment from your truck while you and your team are on a break.

To find out how much your lawn care business insurance is going to cost, take a minute to fill out our quote form. We’ll find out a bit about your business so that we can give you an accurate quote for your insurance. We’ll work with you to figure out the coverages you need and how you can get the best rate possible. It all starts with filling out our form or giving us a call! We’re happy to help and address any concerns you might have about your insurance.