Event insurance: Do I need insurance for my event?

If you’re planning a big event and/or shindig, you’ve got a lot on your plate. There are a lot of moving pieces and a lot of things to juggle, from getting a venue to booking a caterer to sending out invitations. You might be worried that something could go horribly wrong to derail the event, or that an accident at the event could lead to a lawsuit. At any rate, you’re considering special event insurance. But what kind of events can you get insurance for? We’ll go over some of the events that you can consider event insurance for.

Event insurance for 8 different gatherings.

1. Weddings.

If you’re getting married, you’ve probably got your heart set on having the perfect day. And no one would blame you – getting married is a big deal! But you might worry about something happening that could spoil things. For example, what if your wedding venue goes out of business shortly before the event? Or what if bad weather prevents you, your spouse, an essential person, or the majority of your guests from getting to the wedding?

You can get wedding insurance to protect your financial investment in your big day. (Unfortunately, weddings aren’t cheap!) But wedding insurance can save the day if Murphy’s Law strikes and a disaster threatens the event.

2. Birthday parties.

So, there are birthday parties for kids that take place in the backyard…and then there are birthday parties for grownups that involve lots of guests and planning! You might be in charge of planning a birthday party that’s going to take place at a venue with catering, music, dancing, and the whole nine yards. But what about liability during the event? What if someone gets hurt? So, you might want to think about getting special event insurance for a birthday party to be prepared for the unexpected.

3. Retirement parties.

You might also consider event insurance for a retirement party. You never know when an accident could happen, even at an event that’s as innocent as celebrating someone’s retirement.

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4. Engagement parties.

So, before the actual wedding, you might be planning a big engagement party. If you have event insurance for your engagement party, you may be able to include coverage that will protect you from financial loss if you have to cancel the event at the last minute – just be sure to check and see what circumstances the policy will cover. (And of course, you can include liability insurance to protect against claims of property damage and bodily injury.)

5. Dinner parties.

You might be planning a good, old-fashioned dinner party to celebrate some event or another – or just to get family and friends together to enjoy each other’s company and have a great meal! You can get event insurance for a dinner party so that you’re prepared for unforeseen complications and accidents.

6. Memorial services.

If you’re organizing a memorial service, you can get event insurance to ensure that the only thing you have to concern yourself with is celebrating the life of the person who has unfortunately passed away. A lot of people might want to come out to pay their respects and give their support to you and your family, so it’s important to make sure your liability for property damage or bodily injury is covered.

7. Corporate private party.

Is your business having a holiday party or a company kick-off? If so, you might want to consider event insurance for your business event – especially if there’s going to be alcohol involved. You might want to look into getting special event insurance to make sure you have the liquor liability insurance you need to protect yourself in the event that something goes terribly wrong because you’re serving alcohol.

8. Business dinner/Fundraiser.

If you’re planning a business dinner or fundraiser, you might want to get event insurance to cover your business’s liability from hosting the event. Whether you’re just having a big dinner for your employees or you’re having a huge fundraiser, it’s important to consider the risks you’re facing and get the appropriate insurance for it.

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Whatever event you’re planning or hosting, it’s important to have the right event insurance for it. Get started with your special event insurance quotes today by filling out our online quote form or giving us a call today. We’ll help you get the policy that’s right for you.